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IFOA Forest Seedling Program

The IFOA Forest Seedling Program is a reliable source of properly seed-sourced conifer tree seedlings at a reasonable cost for local forest owners.  Using seed from their seed bank to contract with an inspected professional nursery to grow the seedlings two years in advance of delivery, IFOA’s Forest Seedling Program functions as the wholesaler of the seedlings to local county Soil & Water Conservation Districts (SWCD), which in turn take purchase orders and make retail sales to landowners.  All Forest Seedling Program funds received by IFOA from the sale of the seedlings go back into the program, providing a source of revenue for purchasing more tree seed, growing the seedlings, and for development and maintenance of tree seed orchards.

The Forest Seedling Program includes: the tree seed bank, consisting of five species of conifer seed (Douglas-fir, western larch, ponderosa pine, lodgepole pine, and blister rust resistant western white pine); shares in two tree seed orchards, a ponderosa pine orchard in Pullman, WA and a western larch orchard in Vernon, BC; an advisory committee that determines the numbers of seedlings to grow-out for anticipated orders in two years; and cash reserves to pay for future seed bank replenishment and the contracted stratification, germination, planting, growing, lifting, inspecting, and packaging of seedlings at the nursery - as well as for operating the seed orchards. 

A Douglas-fir seed orchard is currently proceeding toward establishment, and plans to establish a western red cedar seed orchard are in the works, all to insure that Idaho forest landowners can obtain properly seed-sourced, healthy seedlings for their afforestation, reforestation, species diversity, forest improvement, restoration, riparian zone maintenance, windbreaks, silvopasture or landscaping needs.

 From 1998 through 2017, the program has provided over
2,145,360 tree seedlings!

To order quality sourced and grown forest seedlings, you can contact one of the SWCDs listed below any time of year.  Seedlings are available for pick up and planting in early April each year.  But . . . .

For best results: The month of May of each year is a good time to make your order with a District for the following year (or better yet, 2 years ahead!).  If the Districts do not know you want trees, they cannot plan an adequate grow-out order ahead of time.  Orders are on a first come-first served basis, so waiting too long vastly reduces your chances of obtaining what you need when you need it.

Plan ahead, and you and your trees will be happiest!

Contact: Leann Daman
700 “E” St
PO Box 488
Plummer, ID  83851
(208) 686-1699 ext. 5
Contact: Amanda Abajian
1224 Washington Ave Ste. 101
Sandpoint, ID  83864
(208) 263-5310 ext.100

Contact: Cassie Olson
6813 El Paso
PO Box 23
Bonners Ferry, ID  83895
(208) 267-3340 ext. 107

Contact: Bob Flagor
7830 Meadowlark Way Ste. C-1
Coeur d’Alene, ID  83815
(208) 209-4348






P.O. Box 1257
Coeur d'Alene, ID  83816-1257


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